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At Around the Clock Locksmith, we not only fix locks but, more importantly, understand the need for safety in commercial establishments.
We understand that locks (be it for home security, mobile security, or commercial security) are essential security measures developed to protect property. Also, we understand the importance customers place on fixing lock problems. You want to be confident not just in their expertise, but in their genuineness and their qualifications.
For us at Around the Clock, we make commercial enterprises, customer service, and customer satisfaction our topmost priority.

We offer periodic maintenance and security installations, which your company might need. Also, we understand industrial and commercial security requirements and have the required skill to make recommendations.
The safety of your property is vital to us. Your confidence in our work is essential. What’s more, your satisfaction with our service is important.
This is why we are peopled with licensed locksmiths who understand this same value, which serves as a springboard for conducting our services.
With this, you are sure to get nothing short of the best from us.

Our expertise range from commercial services such as business lockouts, rekeying, lock repairs, installation of new locks, security upgrades, combination change, access control, door, and window locks. We also offer safe installations, unlocking file cabinets, digital lock services, emergency locks, and other lock services in Birmingham, Alabama.

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Around the Clock Commercial Locksmith in Birmingham

Business Lockouts

Business Lockouts can be quite frustrating. Your employees could get locked out of the building as precious time passes. In these situations, you can’t send your staff home and close operations. Regardless, you don’t want to break your door and risk greater damage and extra cost in fixing the lock or acquiring a new one. In actuality, you may risk damaging the entire door itself. We know you don’t want that. Call us! Our response time is short and fast! Our locksmith will offer a non-destructive entry method, open the door, and, offer advice on replacing your broken lock. We will show up with our tools, open the doors and help you resume your work activities.


Locks found on doorknobs and deadbolts contains a complex mechanism that holds a cylindrical plug and several springs and pins that allow a specific key shape to turn in the lock. And for a key to open the lock, the pin’s configuration must align with the depth of the unique grooves on that key. Rekeying a lock occurs when a company wants to undo the above engineering in favor of just one key that opens all the door locks.

Now, this system saves you the hassle of carrying a bunch of different keys all around. Instead, you have just one key than answers all prayers and Around the Clock Locksmith can make this happen!

Lock Repairs

Locks develop faults over time. If that happens, you need to get the best remedy for it. You also need the best counsel on how to get a new lock (if it comes down to getting anew lock).

Our team of experts consists of sensitive professionals who pay great attention to customer’s needs and prioritize the safety of customers in the property by ensuring their property is secure.

Installation of New Locks

When you move into your new office, the first thing you want to do is change your entire locking system. At Around the Clock Locksmith, we understand that choosing the right locks for your new office is a critical process, one that requires carefulness and thoughtfulness. We are always ready to change locks when needed and proffer advice on the best lock systems doors. This is a process we’ll go through with you. Our professionals are trained to offer the best advice (taking into account the locale of your home) and the perfect lock system for your home.

Door and Window Locks

Some of the most common lock problems are UPVC related locks commonly found on French and patio doors.

Frequent problems include:

  • Jammed lock
  • Keys stuck in the lock
  • Difficulty turning the key
  • Key turn lock
  • Broken door lock
  • Broken key in the lock
  • Broken door handle
  • Broken window handle
  • Window won’t close or open

Call us! We fix all these problems.

Security Upgrades

Around the Clock Locksmith always keeps up with new security upgrades. We will recommend these upgrades to you to e enhance your security. Hackers and burglars are getting more sophisticated. They equip themselves in penetrating advanced security systems and new locks. We will advise you to change to a more secure lock for your company if we notice any manipulation of your present lock.

Access Control 

At Around the Clock Locksmith, we fit access control systems to enhance the security of your employees and business. As specialists in digital locks, electric locks, and buzzer systems, we offer safe access systems for businesses of any size. Need an emergency locksmith service? It is common for business owners to forget or misplace their key as they go through the overwhelming haze of the day’s events. Most times, you just cannot figure where your keys are. We understand that these incidents do occur!

And it gets worse when it’s during out of hours (the hour before opening, after closing hours or during weekends or holidays when we usually don’t operate). Not to worry. At Around the Clock, our locksmiths can help with emergencies such as lockout and lost keys. We will be able to visit you on-site and help solve your lock problem(s) in a non-destructive manner. For us at Around the Clock, trust is more than a byword. It is our culture. We live by it. We bank on it. We understand just how important it is for you, our customer, to trust us; and how important it is for us, in turn, to guarantee that same trust in our service delivery. And so we make it our topmost priority always to deliver efficiently, anytime, anywhere in Birmingham, Alabama, and surrounding areas. Contact us today to learn how we can help you solve your commercial lock problems.


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